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March 2017

I’m baaaack!

Good to see you here again!

My internship for grad school basically ruled my life for the past few months, but it’s over now.  I graduated, just in time for spring break and a fabulous girls’ weekend in NYC with some of my faves!

We saw Glenn Close star in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway, and she was incredible.  The entire show was amazing, but holy moly does she control the stage with her presence.  We shivered in the cold, ate entirely too much delicious food, and squeezed in some r&r too.  It was the perfect weekend.

With my rediscovered free time, I’m in need of a project.  I feel a little bit scattered not knowing where to channel my energy: I’m excited to be reading for pleasure again, I’ve been working on a few knitting projects, and I’m elated to start up a veggie garden again at our new house.

Oh!  and I bought an Instant Pot, which may just be the greatest kitchen appliance of all time.  I’m still learning my way around it, but the number one best thing about it so far is that, because it does everything, it cuts down majorly on dish washing.  The other morning, I made hard-boiled (technically steamed, not boiled, but whatev) eggs in it before work, rinsed out the steel insert, and then popped in a pork shoulder to slow cook all day while I was at work.  Easy peasy!

So, internet friends, send me your book recommendations, recipes I must try, garden tips, and what you want to read about here!  and, since you’ve been waiting months (with bated breath I’m sure) for an update, let me honor your time by gracing you with a picture of our mascot, Murph.


’til next time!