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July 2017

I Got A Little Carried Away

I badly needed to do some pruning in the veggie bed.  The pole bean plants absolutely took over, and the leaves they continued to produce were incredible.  I’ve seen pictures of garden structures like teepees and trellises that use winding pole beans as shade and covering, and they are glorious.  That being said, mine produced like six actual green beans.  They were much larger and tougher than the bush beans, which are more like the green beans you find at the grocery store.  Then the winding vines of the plant jumped to the cage for my cucumber plants and ended up pulling three of the four garden stakes inward, making the entire bed close to collapse.  I tried to pull them out, leaving the cucumbers in tact, but they were so intertwined that it was impossible.  So I ripped up everything.   Keep Reading

What’s the Dill, Pickle?

In trying to figure out what to do with my mounds and mounds of cucumbers I find myself harvesting, I found some seemingly easy recipes for pickles and decided to give it a shot.  Pinterest had a plethora of pickle recipes for me to check out, but I decided to go with this one from the kitchn because it seemed relatively simple.

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