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I Got A Little Carried Away

I badly needed to do some pruning in the veggie bed.  The pole bean plants absolutely took over, and the leaves they continued to produce were incredible.  I’ve seen pictures of garden structures like teepees and trellises that use winding pole beans as shade and covering, and they are glorious.  That being said, mine produced like six actual green beans.  They were much larger and tougher than the bush beans, which are more like the green beans you find at the grocery store.  Then the winding vines of the plant jumped to the cage for my cucumber plants and ended up pulling three of the four garden stakes inward, making the entire bed close to collapse.  I tried to pull them out, leaving the cucumbers in tact, but they were so intertwined that it was impossible.  So I ripped up everything.   Keep Reading

Dog Shaming

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  If you choose to purchase anything through a link, it will be at no extra cost to you, but will help support the costs of this blog.  A few years ago, my parents were visiting me and we had pizza for lunch.  My dad set his plate down on a low coffee table with two slices in front of him, and my precious, handsome puppy Murphy devoured them before my dad could even notice.  I laughed hysterically.  It was a dirty move on Murphy’s part, but you see, it was the second time that weekend.  Earlier we had gotten breakfast tacos, and Murphy stole one of my dad’s right from the bag.  Ate it foil and all.

We’ve made some progress with his manners in the past 48 months.  Now that he’s a seasoned three years old, Murphy is more aware.  He understands that my husband will not react well to having his food stolen.  He knows that, if he acts disinterested, my mom will reward him with food better than the already-delicious food that she serves to her humans.  I thought we’d moved on from the childish behavior of younger dogs.

I thought wrong.



Today we went for a long walk to take in the sunshine before a week of impending storms.  I brought along treats, his water bottle (yes.  his water bottle.  it transforms into a serving dish as well, and is brilliant for toasty Texas days when he needs frequent hydration breaks), and planned a route that included a lot of trees for some shade.  I’d recently discovered some great trails around the rec center near our house, but we hadn’t walked them on a weekend before today.  People were everywhere.  There was some huge picnic event, so people were grilling out, blowing bubbles, fishing, etc.  When Murphy was younger, this would’ve been disastrous, but he’s older and wiser now, right?  He now knows that people aren’t out to get him.  Instead, this was a sea of people with the potential to rub his belly!

Sure enough, the first kid to walk up and ask to pet him wanted to shake his paw.  “Shake” is Murphy’s one really good trick.  He’s not fancy, but he will look you in the eye and shake your hand.  Not today.  Today, he rolled right over onto his back, placing his belly front and center for this little girl to rub.  She was all about it.  Then, we circled around the playground and another kid came up and asked if he could pet Murph.  Of course!, I told him.  Murphy is very friendly!  Then I saw it.

This dog has no shame.
This dog has no shame.

While the boy used his right hand to pet Murphy on the head, Murphy’s eyes were glued on his left hand.  Before I could react, Murphy had stolen and eaten the hot dog right out of this poor kid’s hand.  Ugh, so rude.