Veggie Garden 2.0 – Even Better Than Before!

Last spring, I made my first attempt at a vegetable garden, and I was astounded by how successful it was.  To be fair, my expectations were extremely low.  Like, “I hope this doesn’t turn into a pile of dirt,” low.  When I was able to actually eat green beans that I grew myself, it gave me an incredible sense of accomplishment.  Then we moved, and my tiny garden plot stayed behind.

A few weeks ago, my husband took a day off of work while I was on spring break so we could set up another garden plot in our new backyard.  We used almost the exact model from last time, framing a plot with cinder blocks and blending a mix of peat moss, vermiculite, and compost for the soil.  To keep Murphy from turning it into his sandbox, we still needed to put up some chicken wire around it.  This time, we added some wooden stakes in the corner to give the chicken wire better structure.


When it came time to order seeds, I decided to focus on things I know we will eat.  I grew tomatoes last summer, which grew well… except I don’t really eat tomatoes.  I don’t know what my logic was there.  I ordered green beans again this year, and I decided to try pole beans in addition to bush beans to see if there’s a difference.  I’m going to try bell peppers again, although those were unsuccessful last year, and I added cucumbers as well.  When we were picking up supplies for the garden bed at Home Depot, I decided to throw in some herbs as well and bought, well, basically all of them.

I used to be extremely intimidated by growing plants from seed.  The little starter plants just seemed so much easier and harder to mess up.  My inner-nerd is completely fascinated by the whole process now, though.  I decided to get extra scientific about it this year to see what works best.  Stay tuned to see the different methods I tried, and how many ways I can drive my husband insane by dragging gardening inside the house!

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