I Got A Little Carried Away

I badly needed to do some pruning in the veggie bed.  The pole bean plants absolutely took over, and the leaves they continued to produce were incredible.  I’ve seen pictures of garden structures like teepees and trellises that use winding pole beans as shade and covering, and they are glorious.  That being said, mine produced like six actual green beans.  They were much larger and tougher than the bush beans, which are more like the green beans you find at the grocery store.  Then the winding vines of the plant jumped to the cage for my cucumber plants and ended up pulling three of the four garden stakes inward, making the entire bed close to collapse.  I tried to pull them out, leaving the cucumbers in tact, but they were so intertwined that it was impossible.  So I ripped up everything.  



You can see the stake in the front is leaning inward completely, compared with the one on the front right.



It kills me a little to see this.  I had to actually pull two of the cages out to get to the pole bean roots.

I just read about mid-season planting, and cucumbers and green beans were two of the plants best suited for it.  I left all of my herbs in the cinder block holes, and I think they are going to love the sunlight available to them now that the shade beans are gone.  I also added some cilantro seeds, and replanted cucumber seeds for a new crop.  Since the bush beans were drastically more prolific, I planted a bunch of seeds where the pole beans had been.  Hoping for a great late harvest.

Murphy spent our outdoor time serving as guard dog, keeping squirrels in the tree where they belong.


Lastly, I finally put together my herb tower!  I bought and painted these pots a month ago, and I finally painted on the letters this week.  My husband helped me stake the rebar into the ground this weekend, and we filled the pots with soil and planted the seeds.  I’m hoping for some delicious herbs to add to my cooking soon!


Hopefully I’ll be able to show ya’ll lots of blooms soon!

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