Opening Day

I’m eschewing the post I intended to write tonight to bring you this breaking news:



Baseball is back!!!!


Even more exciting, I’m watching it from my own living room!  Several years after cutting ties with cable, I have only one regret… sports.  I miss watching games from home.  I justified it by reminding myself that I needed to be working on school and didn’t really have time to be up at night watching games, but that time has passed.  We decided to get Sling TV knowing that our newfound access to Fox Sports Southwest would mean Rangers baseball and probably a few Aggie football games as well.  So worth it.


So, while I’m sitting here without peanuts, Cracker Jacks, or even a hot dog, I’m reminded of how ridiculously happy baseball makes me.  If you need me for the next six ish months, you can find me parked in my living room rooting for Yuuuuuuuuu, yelling ADRIAAAAAN, and cheering the return of Nap-o-li!  Come October, I hope I’m doing exactly the same.


Let’s Go Rangers!

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