Plants In the Ground

Do ya’ll remember this guy?  American Idol season 9 is quite the throwback.  In fact, I just looked it up and am shocked that I was still watching the show in 2010.  It seems like much farther back than that.  I have no idea who won that season.

ANYWAYS, that’s totally the song that was stuck in my head last week when I transplanted my little sprout babies to the raised bed in the backyard.  I have a bad habit (or a charming quirk, depending who you ask) of singing a song about pretty much everything I’m doing at home.  When they were all set, I sprang back into the house hollering “plants in the ground, plants in the ground.”  I think there were more lines, but I don’t recall them now.  You’re welcome.

I got home late-ish on Tuesday and had a short window of daylight left to get the plants into the dirt or it would be another few days before I had a chance.  And because my mutant plants (as my husband and kiddo call them) were growing so quickly, I needed to make the move.  It took longer than I intended because I decided to continue the science experiment and needed to keep a good record of which sprouts were going where.

I also had to detach some of the roots from the egg carton where the were already taking hold tightly.

By the time I finished planting them all, I was in such a rush to get inside and make dinner that I forgot to water them.  The next day, they weren’t looking so great.  I think my little guys were still suffering the trauma of the move.  I only managed to take one picture before coming back inside.

A week later, here is how they’re looking.

Please forgive the picture quality.  It’s been pouring all day, and I’ve fallen ill to spring allergies.  I can’t think of anything I care enough about to make me put on shoes right now and go outside, so you’ll have to enjoy this shot from my bedroom window.  Complete with reflection of my mini blinds.  The leaves are significantly larger, and more seedlings are starting to sprout.  All of the herbs are in the cinderblock holes surrounding the main bed, but you can’t see them from the window.

My biggest revelations so far are:

  1. We’re going to be eating green beans with every meal until October.

and 2. How on earth did I forget to plant cilantro?!?!

Stay tuned for more gardening wisdom, and for more dated pop culture references.

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