Tell Me Something Good!

Life can be hard.  It’s gotten especially real lately – illness, disease, devastating accidents, and more have hit my friends and family.  Then there’s the news, full of death and war and increasing negativity.  Don’t even get me started with the election.  I can’t.   In the past few weeks, this has all been weighing so heavily on me, and I think about them as I drive home every day.  Today, as I groaned about the 18 wheeler meandering along in the left lane of the freeway as I passed by going only 55, I had to stop myself.  Think of something positive!

I’ve been focusing on Matthew 12:34 lately – “for the mouth speaks what the heart is full of” – and trying to fill my heart with positive so that I speak good and not evil.

So, I want to hear it.  Come at me with your good news.  Big, small, seemingly insignificant, I want all of it.

Allow me to kick things off:

  • I desperately needed a pick me up at lunch today and there was enough coffee left in the work room for me to fill up a mug.
  • I may have finally found something that will help my poor puppy stop itching constantly.
  • The temperatures are dropping.  Fall, ya’ll.
  • I have a massive to do list, but I have exactly zero on my schedule for Saturday, so I can knock some of it out.
  • iMessage is letting me keep up with friends who are across the world.
  • My students are as stoked about Harry Potter as I am.

Your turn!

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